The Lock is available!

Finally I’ve been able to finish the graphic novel. It’s been a while.

UPDATE: Soft cover versions are now available through BrisVegasComics.

For the moment I’ve got it as a download via Apple Books, Comixology and Drivethroughcomics. Just click on the badges below and they’ll take you to the page. A hardcopy version will be available soon.

It’s 160pgs of full colour illustrations and story. The main illustration is simple line work with flat colour. This is broken up with full detailed illustrations and the odd photography of puppets. I wanted an eclectic feel to the book with slight disjointed edge.

Other platforms will come online as I convert and upload.

Some page examples.

A little trailer for the book. This was fun to work on. I used some music from a band in Melbourne who are looking at doing a soundtrack for the comic.

I’m working on some posters which has been fun. These will be available too. Pop me an email if you are interested.

Other extensions are being worked on in the background. More to come soon.

Click on any of the badges below to download your copy of The Lock.