5th Witch Spell

Another spell has been created. And like the last one, has been written and spoken by The Spectre Collector. Click here to view on youtube.

New Witch spell

This will be number 4 in the spell series. This one was written and spoken by the spectre collector. Click here to view on youtube.  

Witch Project Released

There are witches about! The third and final witch is now online. Well it is Friday 13th after all. Go to the witches page, witch is up there at the top of the site. Or click the devil below.   Hope you enjoy.      

Witch 3

Witch 3 has been in the works for a few days. If you haven’t seen the other witch episodes, take a look over at youtube. Witch 1 – To Cause a Witch To Die Witch 2 – To Summon Another Witch   These started a few years ago when I came across the amazing voice…