Tasmanian Card Range

I have so many illustrations that have built up over the years. Some are from pitches for books, some have been created to help others get their projects off the ground. This card range began its life helping a friend for a film script. That’s the reason why they all have a slight character put…

Cursery Rhymes

Some time ago, I did some illustrations to go with some disturbing nursery rhymes. These were put together by the Spectre Collector and now available on bandcamp. Here’s the link to listen and get creeped out. It also comes with a booklet of images. I had a listen to the tracks and then created an…

The Lock is available!

Finally I’ve been able to finish the graphic novel. It’s been a while. It’s available through selected stores and download via Apple Books, Comixology and Drivethroughcomics. Just click on the badges below and they’ll take you to the page. A hardcopy version will be available soon. It’s 160pgs of full colour illustrations and story. The…

New Series

After completing the last image titled ‘Veil’, it shouted at me to create more. So, over the rest of the year I’ll be doing just that. Keep watching this space. This is the next one in the series. Some close ups of the detail. UPDATE Next one in the Big Face Series.

New artwork

The first one was for a client. They wanted a piece for their bathroom. The piece has lots of symbolism. I’ll let you work out what’s what;) The second is one for fun. The bees are carpenter bees, which are native to Australia. The lady in the center is the protector. My apologies for the…

5th Witch Spell

Another spell has been created. And like the last one, has been written and spoken by The Spectre Collector. Click here to view on youtube.

New Witch spell

This will be number 4 in the spell series. This one was written and spoken by the spectre collector. Click here to view on youtube.  


You know how much we like to tease. Here is a little something, as we build up the witch project.