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Witches, who doesn’t love them.

After hearing Vincent Price’s voice in a series of witch spells called ‘A coven of witches’ tales’, I wanted to try my hand at animating a few spells of his. By using a simple 2d animation package I created ‘To cause a witch to die’. I’ve been a fan of Vincent Price for a few years, his voice was so silky and dark.

The style I wanted to create would be something a little kooky. And although it was created in the computer I wanted to create something that looked a little hand done. The way the boards slide across the screen, were never perfect. They had imperfections as if someone was actually pulling the boards open and closed. I managed to create a mood that I think suited Vincent’s voice too.

I’m also a fan of William Morris, who is famous for his Victorian patterns that were used for wallpaper and fabric in very plush homes. They incorporated natural elements like flora and fauna. Although not all of the patterns used in the series were William Morris, they still evoke that period.

It took some time to plot out and draw the individual components for the first episode. These were then scanned in and cut out with image editing software. They were then imported into the animating software, where I applied some bones to move the parts. Some sections I created in 3D, like the Egg and the pan.

The voice was distorted to mimic a vinyl record and some sound effects added to create the scratch and various actions seen in the animations. I recorded some sound too.

It was all cut together and graded with video software.



The second episode is called ‘To summon another witch’.

I pushed myself a little further with this one. More animation was needed as the length of the spell was longer. I also decided to animate Vincent’s eyes which took a little while. I found reference of his face on the internet then, recorded myself saying the same spell via the laptop camera. I used the reference to animate the eyes so it looked like he was actually saying the spell behind the panel. I think it matches well and pleased with how it all turned out.

The process of the rest was pretty much the same as the first episode. Drawing, scanning, creating 3D elements, then compiling it all in the animation software.



The third and final episode ‘To make a witch pockmarked’ is the last of the short spells that Vincent recorded.

Other spells are part of the series but they were too long to animate, and I was worried that maybe people might get bored. I wanted to create short snappy pieces that suited the style of the animation.

This episode we get to see the other witches. and also we get to understand our main witch, Hagglebottom. She makes an appearance in all the episodes. The first episode she is picked on by being exploded. She then appears in the second, although in a very subtle way. She is in the section where Vincent says his spell. If you look carefully, she is in the pattern that is behind the devils when they pop up.

So poor Hagglebottom has exploded in the first, then summoned in the second. And now in the third she gets her revenge by making Screecher, Snozwarbler and Cacklebreath sick.

I really enjoyed creating these animations and next year will write a short story about them. It will be illustrated to fit with the animations that had been done years earlier. Stories are bubbling around my head already.

I hope enjoy them as much I did creating them.




To view the animation on youtube, simply click which ever episode, and a new window will take you there.


Episode 1 – To cause a witch to die. Created in 2009



Episode 2 – To summon another witch. Created in 2011



Episode 3 – To make a witch pockmarked. Created in 2013



Posters for the series. Click to view larger image.

tcawtd_poster tsaw_large_imagetmawp_large_image




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