The Westbury Faery

Back in 2015 Sue Wright (Tiny Owl Workshop) and myself went down to the Melbourne Film festival to pitch at the 37º South Market. At the time it was to find interest in Sue’s Lane of Unusual Traders world building project. We met many producers who loved what Sue and myself were doing, and doing differently.

But later we found interest in a smaller idea I had floating around in my brain.

After visiting Westbury, Tasmania, I had the idea of bringing a faery to Tasmania from Ireland. I wanted the idea to be for writers.

Westbury has a rich Irish community and even has a big Irish festival on the village green once a year. If you dig deeper on the internet, you’ll find more evidence on convicts and how the green was used back in the 1800s.

This all gave me ideas of how the faery could work.

The idea of a box being found under a house in Westbury filled with artifacts, really appealed to me and thought it would appeal to writers who love piecing things together in their own way.

I used the Jack the Ripper theories to explain to people how this idea would work. We have a set amount of evidence and like Jack the Ripper, people would have their own theories as to how or even who the faery came to be.

So the evidence/artifacts are built. The writers would then fill out their own story using the artifacts, the best would then go into a book.

Sue and I pitched the idea to Plot Media, who loved it.

The project got a lot bigger after a big effort creating a submission document for funding. Along with Log Cabin Productions in Canada, we were successful with a Screen Australia and CMF fund.

The rest is what you see on the website. A lot of work from Log Cabin Productions, Plot Media and myself.


Here’s a small selection of designs, illustrations and props.










And now Sue and I are working on the book.