Witch 3

Witch 3 has been in the works for a few days. If you haven’t seen the other witch episodes, take a look over at youtube.

Witch 1 – To Cause a Witch To Die

Witch 2 – To Summon Another Witch


These started a few years ago when I came across the amazing voice of Vincent Price reading a series of witch spells. They were nice and short and great to practice animation with. I used a style that looked like a small theatre with sliding panels and clockwork style mechanics.

I used various software to create the style and lots of hand drawings all cut up in photoshop and imported into the relevant software.

It was all comped in imovie along with the sound, which was generated in garageband. I used various freeware sound sources and created my own via a mic and various bits of wood and paper and even my own voice. I love the process of the animation and hopefully will create some others in the future. But at the moment I was only going to do 3 and the third one will uploaded soon.