A NEW project Tiny Owl Workshop (new publisher in Brisbane Qld) contacted me after seeing my Sunday Sketches on twitter. They were intrigued at how the drawings were prompting writers to create stories. We had a few meetings to discuss the idea of Sunday Sketches, and how we could create something specifically for writers. We…

Little Lucy

Little Lucy is a story that has built from a series of Sunday Sketches that I do most Sundays through my Twitter account. I started doing sketches and found that a girl kept on appearing in them. After a while I decided to see where she wanted to go, and followed her on the journey….


Is an idea that has been building in my head. That’s all I can say for now. The line work will be detailed and the characters will be quirky.

Sydney Writers Festival

I received an email from the SWF about a special project. It would involve letting a partner of SWF use one of my illustrations to produce a special item. An item that was for guests only. Of course I said yes. The partners are Polli, they specialise in creating accessories that feature Australian designs and…

Plate Design

A friend asked if I would design a plate for their wall in the restaurant. The cherry blossom symbolises life. In some instances the warriors life. This cherry blossom image has mainly buds which means the start of a new life. The girl with the closed eyes floating means the unknown nature of where this…

Four Horses of the Apocalypse

I thought I would update this post. I get asked about the project a lot. How I got the horse heads? How did I paint straight onto the skulls? Well here goes the story. I was asked by ‘Seven with Another’ to join other artists to create a special piece for their ‘4’ themed art…


  Sitting doodling one night and then this emerged on an old Qantas note pad.  

Fashion Victim

Ah the fashion Victim. I did this after thinking about how far a fashion victim would go. Click the images to view larger.