Behind the scenes of Unfettered – Part two

In part 2 of behind the scenes I’ll be covering the Hunters model. First off, why a model? The nature of the idea of the small cute furry animal being hunted, wouldn’t have had the same impact if it was done as an illustration. I believe if you see an illustration you are removed instantly…

Behind the scenes of Unfettered – Part one

Over the next few weeks I will talk about the process of generating some of the illustrations for the Unfettered project. I’ll be starting off with Squirrel Hair. Some of the other illustrations were generated the same way, so I won’t be covering them in detail. The sleeping image (game birds) was done the same…

Witch Project Released

There are witches about! The third and final witch is now online. Well it is Friday 13th after all. Go to the witches page, witch is up there at the top of the site. Or click the devil below.   Hope you enjoy.      

Icecream logo design

  I was asked to create a character for nitrogenie, the liquid nitrogen icecream magicians. I didn’t want the typical style of a genie, but something a little more mysterious and vibrant. It was then passed onto another designer who fleshed out the design onto other collateral.

Unfettered update

Release date for the Unfettered images will be 14.01.14   Unfettered Project Update All illustrations are now completed. It’s been a great ride whilst developing and creating the images. I hope the writers find and connect with an image to inspire them to write a great story. Submissions will be released in January along with…


A NEW project Tiny Owl Workshop (new publisher in Brisbane Qld) contacted me after seeing my Sunday Sketches on twitter. They were intrigued at how the drawings were prompting writers to create stories. We had a few meetings to discuss the idea of Sunday Sketches, and how we could create something specifically for writers. We…

Little Lucy

Little Lucy is a story that has built from a series of Sunday Sketches that I do most Sundays through my Twitter account. I started doing sketches and found that a girl kept on appearing in them. After a while I decided to see where she wanted to go, and followed her on the journey….


Is an idea that has been building in my head. That’s all I can say for now. The line work will be detailed and the characters will be quirky.