Little Lucy

Little Lucy is a story that has built from a series of Sunday Sketches that I do most Sundays through my Twitter account. I started doing sketches and found that a girl kept on appearing in them. After a while I decided to see where she wanted to go, and followed her on the journey….


Is an idea that has been building in my head. That’s all I can say for now. The line work will be detailed and the characters will be quirky.

Sydney Writers Festival

I received an email from the SWF about a special project. It would involve letting a partner of SWF use one of my illustrations to produce a special item. An item that was for guests only. Of course I said yes. The partners are Polli, they specialise in creating accessories that feature Australian designs and…


I wanted to create a deck for tarot readers and also for the use of normal game playing, so The 7th World Tarot deck began. The deck uses pentacles, wands, cups and swords in a pip fashion for normal play, some jokers were created too just for the fun of it. It took 2 months…