A quick update

It’s been a little while since my last update.

I’ve been pretty busy illustrating volume 2 of Faeries of Tasmania and basically working on my house in Tasmania, which needs some serious garden work done.

Volume 2 has been a joy to do. It follows the same flow as the initial book, but everything is new, even the patterns within the 2 volume are new. Lady Plummage didn’t just want to print the same patterns again as she wanted new discoveries for the reader. Her feeling is, if it’s a new book, everything should be new and have equal quality. And I agree.

Some excited revelations about Edith will be in the volume. I’m looking forward to hearing what readers think about our progress with the discoveries.

Once volume 2 is totally complete, I will be moving on to another book titled, Teaspoon Stealers. It is a lovely story about a woman who owns a tea shop in Tasmania who has some troublesome critters come to cause a little havoc in her shop. But, they have a mission in mind.

I wrote Teaspoon Stealers some time ago and has been on the back burner until the Faeries of Tasmania books were complete. It’s only a short story but a has a lovely tale to tell.

After that, I’ve heard Lady Plummage may have an epub book, which is quite separate from her physical books and may need some black and white sketches. This may change though as it’s not official as yet.

Devonport Regional Gallery have some of the images from book 1 on display. Lady Plummage has also allowed a special image from volume 2, which is due out this Christmas. If you are in Tassie and close to Devonport, why not drop in. Lady Plummage has also allowed all the prints in the exhibition (except Jelly Bean) to be for sale. See their website for more information.