O-OH! They’re out!

The O-OH! series of books were great to work on. Such a great message for kids that are scared of the dark and the unknown. My work normally has a slight dark edge, so it was kind of interesting to flip that, and give an illusion of dark things from every day life, which often happens in a child’s mind.

Chinese cover for O-OH! Dinosaurs

The illustrations were sketched out first for approval by the publisher and then were digitally coloured and textured. I designed the titles and colours for each book, which were then handed over to the book designer.

Wild Orange is publishing this series of “reveal” picture books, O-OH! Dinosaurs, O-OH! Witches, and O-OH! Monsters for early learner readers. The stories are in Chinese, English and soon to be French. They are for children aged between 2 and 6 years to encourage children and their wild imagination as well as their fear of the dark.

Found out more here at Wild Orange Publishing, where you can read a few of the pages from each book. They are available in both soft and hard cover.