Word Hunters – Secret Files

I was never a reader when young. I struggled with focussing my attention on the words and reading them to build a story in my head. I just wasn’t one of those kids that read. Possibly my imagination was too strong to stay on the page.

But I loved cool images.

This book was always going to be more visual. A book that I would have loved as a child.

The Secret Files, is the book that I’ve had in the back of my mind since working on the series. And now it’s here.

Full of strange words, gadgets and recipes. With some challenging puzzles thrown in for good measure.

The Secret Files came about when Nick and I were talking about back stories and what other Hunters were out there. It also got me thinking about more gadgets that Caractacus could have had.

We decided that a non linear approach would be different. Readers could enter the book and it would still work for them. They might want to build a suit of armour one day, then read about wputting ginger up horses bottoms the next.

This was where the journal from Caractacus came from. A scrapbook of ideas and notes.

It needed to be rich and varied. Styles would change from collected bits of paper throught history. A combination of hand drawn and computer generated images were developed. 3D gadgets were also generated.

This book also has the added value of the Layar app.

The information we couldn’t fit into the book, but didn’t want to lose, is now floating through space. It can harnessed by using the Layar app. Just hover over any page with a red Peg, and voila, more information will be pulled into your phone. All the information is on the back of the book.

Hope you enjoy!