My version of Krampus.

When Tiny Owl Workshop asked me to create a Krampus, I didn’t know that much about him. I’d heard of him but didn’t know the detail.

During research I came across a few variations of Krampus which highlighted that I could create my own. As long as he had the key elements, I guess he could look like any other devilish creature.

So I made him cute on the outside and if you look into the eyes, they tell a different story. Something evil lurks behind those eyes. Eyes you just wouldn’t trust.


Ok, so here is my process.

Firstly a sketch. All my illustrations start here – loose and sketchy.


Then I start to fill. Slowly building up the tones and colour.



I take breaks from areas and begin others. Here I’ve started the fur.


Working more on the hair to smooth it out and create that fur look. Again, you’ll notice that I’ve worked on the face more too.


Playing more on the face.


I wanted the background to be fairly simple to make Krampus stand out.

And here is the final image. You’ll notice that I’ve changed the colour of the fur to give it more punch.