Tastes for Unfettered

During the Unfettered mad panic scribblings from writers, we used the images as devices to keep the enthusiasm going.

Writing is such a solitary process. We critique, push, beat-up and doubt ourselves over the final outcome. We try to match our peers and during this process we can give up.

These images were drip fed through Twitter to keep the dream alive and hopefully inject a little more prompting for the writer.

They all used the taste angle, and like Unfettered, it all depended on the writer’s taste. Was it dark or light? Sweet or bitter? It was all left up to the writer.

2 weeks to go before the subs close at midnight 14th April.

unfettered-tea_canister Unfettered_wine unfettered_whitechocolate Unfettered_Jam Unfettered_icecream unfettered_chocolate