A NEW project

Tiny Owl Workshop (new publisher in Brisbane Qld) contacted me after seeing my Sunday Sketches on twitter. They were intrigued at how the drawings were prompting writers to create stories.

We had a few meetings to discuss the idea of Sunday Sketches, and how we could create something specifically for writers. We have come up with a project called ‘Unfettered’. I’m working together with Tiny Owl Workshop to create 10 illustrations in colour and black and white that will be used by writers as inspiration for stories. We are still discussing the opportunities for what will happen with the stories and illustrations afterwards.

If any writers out there want to contribute and find out more, please follow @tinyowlworkshop on twitter. They also have a website tinyowlworkshop.com

The illustrations will be released in January 2014 along with more information and submission guidelines.

In the meantime, here are some teasers from each of the illustrations completed so far.