I wanted to create a deck for tarot readers and also for the use of normal game playing, so The 7th World Tarot deck began. The deck uses pentacles, wands, cups and swords in a pip fashion for normal play, some jokers were created too just for the fun of it.

It took 2 months over Christmas to create the images. During the process I worked with Morgan of Avalon, who created the words and meanings in the booklet that comes with the deck. The cards and booklet use a specially designed font just for the deck as an added touch.

It was a great project to work. From designing, illustrating and packaging the cards I pretty much sourced everything to keep cost down. I do believe that Tarot decks are a little overpriced and by handling the process myself, no middle people were able to put their percent on top. This way it’s affordable for everyone.

I have had many positive feedbacks about the cards and you can find reviews on the net. I have listed a couple below.






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I do have a some decks left so please contact me if you would like to purchase one.


  1. Catherine says:

    I am interested in your art, and by extension your tarot deck! I would love to purchase a set if you still have some in stock. I am not sure what the price is (with shipping to the States), but if it is something I can afford I would very much like to purchase it. Thanks so much, and I want to say that I really love your work!


    1. terry says:

      Thanks Catherine.

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